Skid Steer Attachments Review: Cold Planers

Published: 31st December 2011
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If a skid steer loader construction crew was getting ready to repair or build a new road, the operation would most likely require the removal of worn and deteriorated asphalt and other materials (a frequent scene in large highway repave projects). Then, a large truck brings in and deploys an entirely dedicated cold planer vehicle so it can begin to prepare old roadway for repaving. The cold planer machine is a large, cumbersome piece of road construction equipment used for just that purpose.

There are a lot of other applications, however, where the same kind of planing and material removal is needed, but a dedicated vehicle the size of the cold planer would amount to awkward overkill. That is where a cold planer skid steer attachment comes in. A conveniently sized cold planer attachment unit has been devised expressly for the already multi-purpose, go-anywhere skid steer loader.

A typical application for this skid steer attachment would be prior to the installation of an electrical conduit, water or drainage pipe under an existing road or driveway. The skid loader operator might think to use a backhoe attachment to provide the right width and depth in the soil beneath, but knows that it would tear the asphalt into jagged chunks, and make it much harder to patch afterward.

Securely fastened to the highly maneuverable skid loader boom, the cold planer attachment uses its carbide teeth to effectively remove a section of road, concrete, asphalt, or any other material right to soil level, leaving straight, sharp edges that make for an easy and potentially seamless repair once the conduit or pipe is installed and back-filled.

The best cold planer attachments have been configured with a number of incredibly thoughtful characteristics and features. First, the should be available in several widths, anywhere from 12 inches wide to as much as 40 inches in width. The wider cold planer attachments are ideal for smoothing out roads and driveways, as well as eliminating harsh joints between parking lot sections. Narrow attachments are better suited to repairing smaller sections of roads and driveways.

Even if some road or driveway sections are at quite severe grades, the better cold planer attachments can easily tilt to allow the skid steer attachment to be angled and shifted to match the road surface, even when the skid loader must remain upright. But it is inside the cold planer that the exciting stuff happens. Dozens of carbide teeth are attached to a rotating drum inside the cold planer unit to tear into the road surface easily and without a lot of extra power to chew up large chunks and pieces of road surface. The whole drum spins using a planetary drive for high torque.

The better cold planer skid loader attachments should also come with a self-leveling capability that allows for very precise lapping and tapering techniques. In addition, the cold planer skid steer attachment needs high enough clearance in the rear that it can remove the appropriate layer of road material without recirculating it endlessly through the machine.

There are a number of cold planer skid steer attachments on the market, and each of them has its unique set of features. As with any skid steer equipment, however, the most important concern on any job site is safety. It is also vitally important to keep the vulnerable controls safe from flying debris A good cold planer attachment for the skid steer loader will include protective shields for the hydraulics and electrics, and will come equipped with protected grease fittings. Look for those things as you compare skid steer attachments.

Making a rugged tool like the cold planer skid steer attachment portable and removable is smart. Attaching it to the versatile skid steer loader is just a brilliant idea.


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